About the Couple

These two fine specimens of Latin sexiness agreed to a double date Date Niite, asked no questions and brought the heat for what amounted to a 7 hour marathon session of cocktails, road trips, modeling, and swimming with us in tow the whole way.  We told them to eat breakfast and wait outside their apartment with a change of clothes and their swimmies one Saturday morning this last summer.  We organized this date, as always, with our specific couple in mind.  Laila and Danni have been close friends for what seems like 4-eva and once Sergio came into the picture, we had created what amounted to a very fearsome foursome and were firing on all cylinders.  One being 100% Spanish and the other 100% Venezuelan, these two live up to the Latin stereotype of making a perfect wing-couple: they're always happy for some reason, can party like champs or sip wine while chatting about life's pleasures, and these two are consistently and refreshingly engaging.  Thanks for the memories.     

In true European fashion, our homeboy Sergio was late. Alas, you can't stay upset with that grin and 'devil may care' quaff. 

I got everyone piling in the back of the Blue Bullet where Laila was waiting with some fresh mimosas for the slightly confused couple. 

Off we go to an undisclosed location. 

Explaining the game plan for the next leg of our double date to our couple once we arrive at the parking lot in front of Target / Walmart.

We have to put our heads together and pick out matching outfits for our scheduled Family Portrait. 

When you're dressed like Geoffrey Barbara Butler there's no reason to avoid a prime photoshoot opportunity with little old ladies when they ask for help loading their car. 

Date Niite didn't pre-pick outfits for the upcoming Family Portrait, so everyone explored on their own, had their say and eventually (after much ado) settled on the final ensemble.  

Kim was an ultimate professional.  She had our scheduled time slot waiting and helped us pick out backgrounds and portrait selections.  

The guys waiting with Kim while the ladies changed in the studio. 

We asked Kim to work her magic and oh did she work her magic.  With a very hands on approach she molded our motley crew into some superb poses.

The team reviewing Kim's final photos. 

The team was dropped off at the entrance of the Capitol Skyline Hotel and told to get to work on some coldies while the driver found a parking spot. 

After a few times around the block in the Blue Bullet, I finally arrive to join the celebration and have my first drink of the day. 

Considering our photographer was 17 years of age, he couldn't stick around for much longer.  Our double date stayed for some drinks, a dip and highly entertaining guests who were all to eager to show the little white guy with the three brown people how to "make dat clap". 

  • Chauffeur and bottle service in the 1972 Buick Skylark to undisclosed location. 
  • Arrive at Walmart in Fairfax
    • Pick out matching outfits for schedule Family Photos
    • Portrait Studio session at Target next door
  • Chauffeur service (via Chick-fil-A) to Capitol Skyline Pool for poolside twerking. 

Bonus Pic!