Super 80's Dating Time

Ladies, are you tired of the dating scene? Long for the days of old when men were men and women were romanced?  If you're feeling nostalgic...

The Lemon Bowl

The Lemon Bowl is a shared work space in Washington D.C. where the city's creative and curious gather to learn new skills. Located within the Park View neighborhood at 3015 Georgia Ave, NW, The Lemon Bowl houses expert-lead workshops, intimate events and fruitful conversations between makers and those who didn't know they were makers.  Sounds perfect for a DC date. (click here). 

Image by Morgan Hungerford (The Ladies of Lemon Bowl)

Sleep No More (date idea)

Everyone's always talking about how NYC is cooler than DC probably because NYC is cooler than DC.  So, if you're up that way, take a date here .  To do it right: freshen up on your Shakespeare, buy your tickets for the late show, show up early for cocktails, and don't prep your date... at all.  

Magic Transistor Radio (music)

Just trust me and click:

We're particularly proud of this find.  Magic Transistor is created by an exploratory collective of DJs, artists and musicians based in NYC, San Fran and London.   These cool cats found a ton of standout tracks from all walks of musical life... many rarities.  Put it on and explore.  Change the channel at your whim.