About the Couple (+1)

For our second Date Niite we have another rock star couple who was more than willing to sign up for an evening of unknown activities. Like our first, these two are rock solid participants for a DC adventure.  After meeting in DC a few years ago, they've been dating seriously ever since.  Each refreshingly independent and pleasantly compatible as a couple, these two are as happy and fun loving as their photos suggest.  We're honored to count them as two of our close friends in this wonderful city and our connections to them are multifaceted.  First, let's set the stage: Zo (far left) is dating Kat (middle) who is the sister of Thomas (far right). We all went to college together and all hail from North Carolina.  In addition, Zo and I lived together in DC for a spell and Thomas and I have spent some memorable times together including drinking absinthe at Bar Marsella in Barcelona.  Notwithstanding our past history; some of us knowing others in the group while none knowing all of us, we all eventually came together under the umbrella of DC and now, Date Niite.  Now for the +1 explanation...  Our date was all set up for Zo and Kat when we got the word that her brother was headed up to DC for a surprise last-minute visit.  He's been working on the soon-to-be-delivered National Museum of African American History and Culture and needed to pop in for a site visit. We all agreed that we should include our homeboy in whatever plans lay ahead because we believe dates don't have to be exclusive and let's face it, Thomas wouldn't have it any other way.     

We chose Michel Richard's restaurant at Pennsylvania and 11th because we've been time and again and always walked away supremely satisfied.  It's at the top of our list for go-to restaurants in the city due to location, service, decor but above all, it provides one of the best value menus in the city.  Even though these guys run a tight ship, management at Central was more than willing to help accommodate logistics for our Date Niite couple who, as always, didn't know what was coming.  Our couple, +1, showed up thinking they were to be seated but were handed a fully stocked picnic basket with instructions... 

After some time at the garden, a fuzzy friend appeared in the distance who seemed to, very very slowly, be making its way toward their camp.  

Just off DuPont Circle, the Bier Baron is a dive bar of sorts with a robust selection of 600 beers from around the world.  They are also very friendly to the District's alternative scene which includes a favorite of ours... Burlesque.  We heard Ellie Quinn's troupe would be performing a Disney themed show so we emailed her directly, pleaded our case to help show our unsuspecting couple a good time.  And she did just that...  

As you can see, our couple arrived early so they had time to down quite a few more rounds before the show kicked off.  

Kat and Zo get called up on stage by the lovely MC (Snow White).  After some interesting Q&A and interaction with a mermaid figurine, the two were in a face-off to see who could best perform the climatic scene at the end of 'A Whole New World' from the 'Little Mermaid'.  Zo gave it a good go, but Special K took home the gold. 

Photographer: Mark Chen (click for website) was our very talented and highly professional photographer for the evening. Feel free to email him at mark@mxc.photography.com for bookings or following him Instagram @mxc.photography 

The Rundown

  • Meet at Michel Richard's Central
    • Given a picnic basket with instructions to go to Jazz in the Garden
  • Picnic at Jazz in the Garden in the National Sculpture Gallery on the National Mall. Wait for instructions 
  • Hop down to Bier Baron Hotel and Tavern in Dupont for a Disney Themed Burlesque Show

Bonus Pic!