About the Couple

So... unfortunately, you're stuck with just us today.  This Saturday day-outing was all set up for two of our acquaintances as a blind date.  We were so excited about introducing these two professionals who seemed equally willing and excited about the prospect of being set up with a random stranger and sent out into DC under our guidance.  On a recent random weekday, I was aggressively flagged down by an old colleague of mine while peddling my Capital Bikeshare home from work.  He was spending a few days in the DC, visiting from San Francisco.  Before leaving I asked him his plans and pitched him Date Niite and he was all in. No questions asked.  I then received a resounding yes from a lady friend I had randomly met in the parking lot of Lux Lounge on African Dance Night (more on her here).  All she needed was a simple text. She was all about it.  But alas, as a DC model, she had a last minute booking so with everything already set up and ready to go, Laila and I stepped in and decided to enjoy the previously planned date ourselves.  We told our photographer to bring along his girlfriend and we made it a 'behind the scenes' double date of sorts.  By the way, I thought Laila just looked stunning that day. Alright.  Here we go... 

Just a short walk from our coffee bar, we arrive at the Trapeze School of New York, sign our waivers and get changed into our carnie clothes. 

For some context on Laila's facial expressions: Heights and falling make her very uncomfortable.  She agreed to continue and give it a shot. 

Laila and I joking around while the instructor gives us safety instructions. 

Laila and I after being scolded by the instructor for joking during safety instructions. 

Laila is up first. 


We both gave it a go and got the first dry run out of the way.  As we grew more comfortable, the instructors increased the difficulty level of our jumps / swings.  By the end, we were hanging by our legs upside down and grabbing hold of outstretched arms mid-swing.  Our small group of about 6 consisted of mostly beginners with a few expert hobbyists filtering in from time to time. All seemed to have a great time.  The instructors were super friendly. So far, great date activity.    


Made some friends along the way. 

Bluejacket is directly across the street from TSNY Trapeze School.  We were ready for food and booze. 

Bluejacket offers back of the house brewery and tasting tours on the weekends; however, as was our luck there was a Nats game that day which means no tours.  We bellied up to the bar instead and relieved our photographer and his date.  Bar time made for a perfect debrief opportunity after what was a first for us both. 

The Rundown

Meet for coffee at Lot 38 Espresso Bar

  • Bring a change of athletic clothes

Walk to Trapeze School of New York 

  • Learn the basics of Trapeze

Walk to Bluejacket Brewery

  • Lunch, beers, tour 

Bonus Pics!

Since it was early in the day and we had a little adrenaline running, we decided to keep this train going and see where the day took us.  

After a healthy order of beers we headed back downtown.  We decided to compromise on our next destination.  Sunglass Shopping at Franchescas with a stop over to Camelot just down the block for some cocktails and entertainment. 

A nap was in order.  Back to Laila's place for jammie's and a quick snooze before heading out again.  A little Latin street dancing in Columbia Heights. 

Impromptu dinner with our favorite pal, Kimbro, who met us at Los Hermanos.  Super legit Dominican food at 14th and Park Road, NW. After that we headed home for a group movie and popcorn night with wine and dessert at Tryst in AdMo for a night-cap. 

The next morning, we shook off hangovers and headed to the bookstore for new reads. Took a blanket to the park and dove in.  Mine was a dud, hers was as stud.  Probably more on that later.