So it's like a restaurant / food blog? No. Date Niite does not cover the newest, hippest restaurants and bars.  Destinations are chosen from our past date experiences or because they make for a great date.  

So... it's like a dating website: No. It's not a matchmaking service.  Date Niite is purely an experiment for our own personal entertainment; a chance for us to bring people together to experience an evening of involvement with each other and those around them.

Who goes on these dates?:  Our friends, acquaintances or people who we think would wholeheartedly take advantage of an unexpected night. Sometimes blind dates.  Sometimes couples. You must be polite, interested in the people and world around you, and ready to party. 

How do you make money if there are no ads?:  We don't.  Sometimes establishments or events help comp part or all of the date.  Sometimes we pay for some things.  Sometimes the guests pay (gentlemen are expected to pick up any open tabs). Sometimes there's nothing to pay for at all.

Do things get weird?: Sometimes. There are simple, fun dates that add a little hint of uniqueness.  Others will probably push a few personal boundaries.  Hopefully, on the whole, we'll introduce good people to other good people and bring some folks closer to each other. 

Am I allowed to set limits?: Nah. Not really. 

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